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About Laurie Roberts

Laurie Roberts
Hello, I'm Laurie Roberts and I'd love to assist you. 
You may be at the beginning of your search - in the research phase. Or, you may know exactly what you are looking for and you are ready to choose a professional. In either case, I'd be honored to put my significant Real Estate IQ to work for you. 

Have you ever worked with people who call themselves experts and you think, "I can do a better job than they’re doing?” That’s what I thought in 1986 when I was working with a real estate agent. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time, and wasn’t getting any help from the agent. Now, I look back and realize I owe my real estate success to that agent’s incompetence. One of the biggest things I learned from the other agent was about empathy. They had a complete lack of it, which goes against everything I believe. If you’re going to make your client happy, the number one thing you have to care about is the person you’re representing, not the dollars you’ll make from a commission check. You have to be with your client from the beginning to the end of the transaction...and beyond. For me, that caring attitude is most important...but it’s certainly not everything. 

We’re in a continually changing world, and real estate is at the forefront of changes in communication and information. If I was operating with the same technology I had back in the mid-80s, I couldn’t properly serve my clients. Today, my knowledge and use of technology have kept up with the times, enabling me to develop cutting-edge solutions to make each client’s experience more efficient, more effective and less stressful than it’s ever been. I also have learned to continue my own education so I can provide a higher standard of service than the majority of agents will ever reach. That has meant taking a lot of classes that give me specific knowledge in areas that will best benefit my clients. It’s also meant self-improvement, which is why I have a coach who helps me find ways to better serve. 

Beyond that, I’ve determined that, as a successful real estate agent, I need to give back to my community. So, I volunteered to work as a mediator to address conflicts that arise between two or more parties, such as divorces, child care scheduling and workplace conflicts. One of the ways my meditation paid off was in helping prisoners re-enter society and cut down the rate of recidivism. For my work, I was honored with the Maryland Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service. More importantly, I learned to successfully negotiate in very difficult conditions, the kinds of situations my clients sometimes find themselves when I sold the Redwood Castle in Darnestown, MD. After other agents tried for years and failed to sell the castle, I succeeded. 

With my use of technology, my continuing education, and my negotiating skills, I still believe the most important key to being a good agent is caring about the people you serve and making them your number one priority. If that’s the kind of service you’re looking for, email me, or call or text 301-748-9380 to get together.